What we do

When Alexandra decided that she would start a foundation to help protect children from child sexual abuse, she was asked what she wanted the foundation to focus on. Her answer was very clear: "We need to end it all!"

The mission for the foundation was born at that moment, End Child Sexual Abuse.

There are many pieces to the complex puzzle in the fight to end child sexual abuse. Given the broad focus it was given, the foundation will partner with the leading non-profit organizations, specialized across various fields and sectors. We will offer cooperations and fund specific projects to help scale them to the right size. We will bring leading experts, advocates, and policymakers to the table, to create collaborations across different efforts and across States and Countries to execute our mission and to tackle all of the necessary parts of this fight. We will strengthen and encourage partnerships across different organizations in the charitable sector that share our goals and mission. 

Awareness & Policy

The foundation will actively raise awareness on how child sexual abuse is happening everywhere around us and promote and advocate for policy changes that will protect the children in this country and around the world. 


The education of our children, parents, grandparents, and all caregivers is essential to reach the foundation's goal. We will support and make grants to broaden the reach of the best educational methods to prevent child sexual abuse and ensure that this essential and potentially life-saving knowledge is passed on in the most effective ways. 


The Foundation will support and make grants to research efforts that will give our society and policymakers a clearer picture of the scale of these crimes and the scale of the spread of child sexual abuse, the impact it has on children and their future as well as the long term impact it has on the economy and our society as a whole.  


The foundation will partner with organizations to embrace emerging technology with the goal to fight and eliminate child sexual abuse. 

Speak Up

All of us can help immediately in a very simple way: Talk about it!

Child Sexual abuse often is a taboo topic and uncomfortable to speak about - and we do understand that. But take a moment to remember how uncomfortable it is for the child that is being abused. You speaking up can make a huge difference and can save an innocent child's life. 

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